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Why Hire a Professional Tree Planting Service?

Professional Tree Planting Service

If you’re planning to update your northern Utah property with some new trees this spring, you should hire a professional tree planting service.


Sure, the process of planting a tree seems simple – just dig a hole, pop the sapling inside and cover the roots with dirt. Anyone can handle that, right? Perhaps, but a specimen planted without an arborist’s advice has a much greater chance of developing problems as time goes on.


For your new trees to be a long-term asset for your home or business, it’s best to leave the planting to an expert arborist. Here are three solid reasons to skip the do-it-yourself approach and hire a professional tree planting service instead.


Selecting the Right Species for the Planting Site


You probably already have a good idea of where you’d like to place your new trees. Depending on the soil and sun conditions at each location, there will be species that can thrive and others that will always struggle to survive.


A certified arborist can analyze your planned planting sites and offer suggestions on which species stand the best chance of enjoying a long and healthy life. With their advice, you can make smart choices for your landscape update.


Proper Planting Techniques for Optimal Growth


Planting new trees to ensure their long-term survival takes a great deal of care. Certified arborists have the skills, knowledge and training to complete the task correctly, addressing the specific needs of each particular specimen.


For proper tree planting, arborists consider many different factors. The many decisions to make include:

  • How deep and large to dig the hole

  • How to amend the soil

  • How to ensure adequate drainage

  • How the trunk should be braced

  • How to prevent pest infestation

  • How much and what type of mulch to use


Avoid Common Tree Planting Problems 


Let’s say you decide to take on the tree planting yourself. If you aren’t careful, a healthy, strong specimen could become a problem.


For instance, you can easily plant the sapling too deep – and that could cause it to die. Or, your placement of the tree could block vital sunlight from reaching your grass, shrubs or perennial plants. Conversely, you might position the specimen in a way that results in lackluster growth or unwanted fungi and insects. Hire a certified arborist, and you won’t have any of these concerns.


Do you live in the greater Salt Lake or Utah County area? For professional tree planting service at an affordable price, turn to Rivendell Tree Experts.


Our highly experienced certified arborists can help you select the ideal new trees for your northern Utah location, and you can count on our team to take the utmost in professional care when planting. We also offer a range of arborist services to ensure that every specimen grows to be healthy, strong and beautiful.


Rivendell Tree Experts provides free, no-obligation arborist consultations and estimates to homeowners and businesses throughout Salt Lake City and the surrounding northern Utah communities. For more information on our professional tree planting service, contact our Lehi office today.