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Why Do We Prune?

Safety - Proper pruning will lead to improved tree structure, preventing hazards and reducing liability.


Improved tree health - Thinning a dense canopy will improve airflow and sunlight penetration. Dead branches can introduce decay organisms and insects into the tree.


Aesthetics - Sometime erratic growth occurs which can change a trees shape and growth habit. Pruning can help the tree correct these deficiencies.

When Do We Prune?

Dead, damaged, and diseased branches should be pruned off right away. Trees that are growing into structures or hanging low over roads and walkways should also be pruned as soon as possible. 

How Do We Prune?

We remove dead, damaged, diseased, and crossing branches. We also manage clearance and aesthetic objectives.


Pruning cuts should be made just outside of the branch collar. Prune back to an appropriate lateral branch to avoid "topping." 

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