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Are you looking to retain the services of a high-quality, experienced arborist in the Draper area? Look no further than the pros at Rivendell Tree Experts.

Whether you’re looking to improve the comfort and quality of your trees, add value to your property or some combination of the two, our experts are on hand to assist you. We have years of experience on both residential and commercial properties, with a focus on assessing your tree needs and bringing you cost-effective services that make sense based on those needs. We serve the entire Greater Salt Lake area plus Utah County, and we value both our clients and our employees as valued parts of our team.

Our Arborists

You might need our arborists for a wide variety of potential tree services, and we’re available no matter how large or small the job. Our arborists have years of experience in the field, plus the training and certifications to back up their knowledge base.

Namely, all our arborists have studied the art of tree care and have become ISA certified. This process is voluntary, administered by the International Society of Arboriculture – we like all our arborists to have this certification because it shows their commitment to this science. This is also a process that requires a continued education to maintain the certification, which includes always following the arborist Code of Ethics.

What this means for you, the client, is you can be 100 percent certain you’re getting a high-quality professional with every appointment. Our pros are expected to be current on all the latest and most effective arboriculture practices, plus knowledgeable on any particulars of the Draper area and how these may affect certain types of trees. There’s no tree issue we can’t handle for you, all for competitive prices and with the friendly, customer-first attitude you deserve.

Services Offered

At Rivendell Tree Experts, we can assist you with the following arborist services:

  • Emergency care: Our pros can be on hand quickly to assess emergency care, plus can perform such care safely and while minimizing tree or property risk.

  • Planting: We can help you with everything from selecting appropriate species to planting trees on your property.

  • Pruning: We’ll help you assess which kinds of pruning are needed for your trees, plus perform it safely and with the health of the tree in mind.

  • Removal: While we will exhaust all other reasonable options first, we can also fully handle tree removal when no other alternatives are available and it becomes necessary.

  • Plant care: We can also assist you with other areas of plant maintenance to keep the entire system free of insects or diseases.

  • Others: Call us to find out about additional services like consulting, cabling and bracing, and more.

For more on how our arborists can help care for every tree on your property, contact the pros at Rivendell Tree Experts today to set up an appointment.


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