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Are you considering planting new trees on your property in South Jordan? Do you have older trees that haven’t been pruned or cared for in some time? What about a tree you’re concerned may be dying, but aren’t sure what to do about?

At Rivendell Tree Experts, we have you covered. Our trained, experienced arborists are here to help with everything from emergency tree service to basic daily care, all with the care and safety of both the trees and your property in mind. Whether you need help with saplings, well-aged trees or anything in between, there’s no situation we haven’t seen and handled in the past.

What We Do

At Rivendell Tree Experts, our mission is to find the most efficient, cost-effective methods possible for all your tree services. Why remove a tree when alternative care is both more affordable and more beneficial to the tree itself?

Moreover, we can help pinpoint your needs and strive toward them from start to finish. If your primary goal is simply increasing the comfort and feel of your property, you’re in great hands. If your mission is to remove any negative value areas from your property and increase overall curb appeal, on the other hand, we know exactly what to prioritize for you.

Our full range of arborist services includes the following areas:

  • Planting: For starters, we can assess your property area and help you decide which kinds of trees will be best for the land and your desires. From here, we can assist you with every step of the planting process.

  • Pruning: Pruning is a process of safely and carefully removing branches or other elements to improve tree health, and we can assist you with every step.

  • Removal: It’s not our preferred option, but there are situations where trees have to be removed entirely. We can accomplish this for you with no hassle or stress.

  • Emergencies: No matter your emergency, we can respond quickly and help you remain safe while limiting property damage.

  • Plants and other services: Call us to inquire about our other services, including comprehensive plant maintenance, consultations, cabling, bracing and more.


Certified Professionals

No matter which of the above services you choose, know that you’ll receive them from an experienced, ISA Certified arborist. This program is voluntary, meaning it only contains those who have a true commitment to the science of tree care – but we prefer all our arborists go through this training plus keep up on continued education to keep their certification current.

Beyond this, all our arborists adhere to the ISA Code of Ethics. This means that not only are we perfectly positioned to serve all your tree needs, we’re able to do so with the care of your trees always at the top of the priority list. Our experts are fully expected to maintain a current working knowledge of all modern tree care techniques.

For more on how we can assist you with all your tree care needs in South Jordan, contact us at Rivendell Tree Experts today.


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