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If you’re searching for the best arborist in Sandy, Utah and surrounding areas, search no further. The team at Rivendell Tree Experts has been serving Utahns for years, offering a mix of residential and commercial tree care services throughout Greater Salt Lake City and other related areas.
Whether your property contains just a handful of simple trees or is rife with a variety of gorgeous species, our arborists are here to ensure health, longevity and beauty for your entire landscape. We’ll provide you with affordable, transparent pricing so you understand exactly how our certified arborists are servicing your trees.
Our Team
Beginning with our free consultations that can be readily scheduled at your convenience, we offer the highest-quality arborist team services available. We’re fully ISA certified, and all our technicians are properly insured to provide services to your property with no concern.
Beyond our credentials, we value integrity and respect within every service we provide. Whether we’re assisting you with tree health care, spraying, trimming or even necessary tree removal, we’ll communicate with you ahead of time about your trees’ needs and how they fit into your available budget.

Primary Services

We offer each of the following services to any and all of our clients:

  • Tree health care and preservation services: Whether we’re talking about spraying or injections for pest control, tree trimming or pruning for overall health or a variety of other maintenance needs, our team will keep your trees growing in a healthy, beautiful way. We’ll help you stay eco-friendly while reducing any possible property liability due to trees.

  • Disease treatment: Down related lines, we’ll diagnose and treat any diseases that crop up with your trees.

  • Fertilization: We use only the highest quality fertilizer options for your trees, with nutrients that will keep them healthy and improve their ability to resist weather, disease and even pest infestations.

  • Tree removal: We’ll perform this highly technical process with experienced professionals and modern technology, removing dead, dying or unsafe trees from a variety of areas.

  • Stump grinding: We use the latest in stump grinding equipment to remove unsightly stumps from your property and improve curb appeal.

Additional Services

We also offer all of the following additional services:

  • Cabling and bracing for tree stability

  • Tree appraisals and risk assessments

  • Tree inventories on large properties

  • Emergency tree response services

  • Pest treatment

  • Arborist reports

  • Multi-year tree care plans

To learn more about any of our ISA-certified tree care services for Sandy, Utah residents or businesses, or to set up an appointment for a free consultation with our experienced arborists, speak to the staff at Rivendell Tree Experts today.


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