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Do You Need Help with Tree Disease Treatment? Here’s How to Tell


With effective tree disease treatment, you can stop a fungal, bacterial or viral infection from destroying the beauty of your Cottonwood Heights property. But first, you need to spot the problem – and the earlier you do, the easier and more affordable the solution.


If you’re like most northern Utah homeowners, you may not know how to recognize a diseased tree. For that reason, it’s a good idea to schedule an annual yard assessment with a local arborist. But in the meantime, we recommend taking a stroll through your property and scanning the leaves, bark and branches of your trees for abnormalities. And, if you happen to notice any of the following telltale signs, reach out to the Rivendell team for prompt, professional tree disease treatment.


Foliage Changes


The condition of the foliage can be a good gauge of a tree’s overall health. If you see any differences in the color or shape of the leaves – or if they start dropping during the wrong season — disease treatment may be necessary.


Dead Branches


Dry, lifeless limbs can be indicators of a problem with tree disease. As decay starts on the inside, it’s difficult to identify. But, you can look for the visible warning signs, which include crumbly wood and mushroom growth.


Uneven Growth


Branches that are growing too close together, a lopsided growth pattern or a significant lean can point to a diagnosis of tree disease. If you see any poorly structured specimens on your Cottonwood Heights property, call a certified arborist.


Bark Irregularities


The effects of disease can often be seen in the bark of a tree. Discolorations occur when an infection sets in, and over time, the bark can develop deep cracks and dead areas. Discover any of these issues, and you likely need disease treatment.


Leave Tree Disease Treatment to a Certified Utah Arborist


Dozens of different diseases attack trees in northern Utah, and figuring out which one is affecting the specimens on your Cottonwood Heights property can be a challenging task on your own. Of you don’t have the right diagnosis, any treatment you try is likely to be ineffective – or it could even lead to the death of the tree.


Because of this, if you suspect you have a tree disease problem, calling a certified Utah arborist is in your best interests. The professional team at Rivendell Tree Experts is here to help, and we have the expertise to diagnose and treat the many fungal, bacterial and viral infections that are common in Cottonwood Heights.


To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss tree disease treatment with a certified Utah arborist, contact our office in Lehi today.