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Why Trust Tree Care to a Certified Cottonwood Heights Arborist

Certified Cottonwood Heights Arborist

While landscapers and handymen offer tree care services in Cottonwood Heights, you’re much better off hiring a certified arborist.


Trees that are healthy and well-maintained can boost the appeal and the value of your northern Utah property. Specimens that aren’t in good shape have the opposite effect – and anyone who isn’t a certified arborist may not have what it takes to promote healthy growth.


Whether you need help with pruning, fertilization, insect control or any other tree services, the right professional for the task at hand is a certified arborist. Read the following, and you’ll understand why.


What is a Certified Arborist?


Certified arborists are highly trained and skilled professionals who have extensive knowledge of proper tree care and maintenance.


To become an arborist takes an appreciable amount of dedication. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) requires at least three years of full-time work in the professional tree care industry, or a relevant four year degree and one year of experience working in the tree care industry under an Arborist before being awarded ISA certification, arborists must pass a rigorous exam.


Once certified by the ISA, arborists must participate in ongoing education to maintain that status. Continued training keeps arborists in-the-know about the latest science and techniques for tree care.


Why a Certified Arborist Should Care for Your Trees


When in need of tree care services at your Cottonwood Heights home or business, you could call a local landscaping company or turn the job over to a handyman. However, hiring a certified arborist is really the only way to be sure that the person caring for your trees actually has the expertise to do the work without compromising their health or beauty.


Arborists are also well-acquainted with environmentally conscious tree care techniques, and whatever services are required, arborists can provide them while preserving the surrounding landscape. Go with a landscaper or handyman service instead, and you could be putting the beauty of your Cottonwood Heights property at risk.


When to Call a Certified Cottonwood Heights Arborist


For many people in northern Utah, the need for an arborist first comes about during an emergency situation, as with trees that have fallen or damaged in stormy weather. That being said, arborists offer a range of other tree services that are beneficial to property owners in Cottonwood Heights.


Anyone interested in planting new trees would be wise to consult with an arborist, as they’ll receive expert advice regarding species that are suitable and how to plan their placement to prevent growth problems. Preventive maintenance services are also worthwhile, as pruning and other routine tree services keep specimens strong, healthy and beautiful. And, of course, when a property owner is dealing with tree disease or pest infestation, a certified arborist is the go-to professional.


Are you in need of tree care? The ISA-certified arborists at Rivendell Tree Experts offer services that are practical and affordable. For more information on our professional team, or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a certified Cottonwood Heights arborist, contact us today.