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Why Tree Trimming Is an Important Task

Why Tree Trimming Is an Important Task

When was the last time you thought about tree trimming?


Many Cottonwood Heights homeowners put the task on the back burner, thinking that trimming isn’t all that crucial. In actuality, giving trees a trim is a way of investing in their health and longevity – and that’s important for a few different reasons.


If you’ve been holding off on tree trimming, take a moment to read the following and you’ll see why getting the job done is to your benefit.


Long term structure


Pruning the canopy for a strong central leader is ideal in most cases. It will help avoid a wide range of issues that can ultimately save the tree from major storm damage and by extension, anything under it (homes, cars, people, etc.)


Tree Health


Trimming away dead and diseased branches encourages the development of stronger, healthier limbs and a sturdier tree structure. Leaving the unhealthy branches in place leads to weaknesses and makes a specimen less likely to survive.


Safety Risks


Trees with weakened or damaged limbs are serious hazards, particularly when located near a home or a walkway that gets heavy foot traffic. In the event of a severe storm or heavy winds, a branch could easily fall and cause someone to be badly injured.




Regular tree trimming is essential for maintaining the look of the landscape. Healthy trees add beauty to a Cottonwood Heights property.


Can You Trim Your Own Trees?


Cutting a few branches seems like a fairly simple task, and homeowners are often tempted to take on the job themselves. Unfortunately, many end up doing more harm than good – trimming at the wrong time, trimming the wrong branches and taking the wrong approach to trimming are some of the mistakes people make, and anyone who isn’t properly trained could do the same.


Why take that risk? When it comes time for tree trimming, calling a certified Utah arborist is a smart move – and Rivendell Tree Experts is here to meet your needs. Our highly skilled arborists will give every specimen on your Cottonwood Heights property the best possible care, ensuring that they remain healthy, strong and beautiful. And, we’ll get the job done for an affordable price.


For more information on our services, or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss tree trimming with an experienced Utah arborist, contact us today.