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Why Call an Arborist for Tree Pruning?

A number of professionals offer tree pruning in Cottonwood Heights – you could, for example, find a landscaper or handyman who is more than ready to take on the task. When it comes to tree care, however, it’s a good idea to play it safe and hire a certified Utah arborist. Here are a few reasons why.

In-Depth Training and Education

To obtain certification from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), arborists must work full-time for at least 3 years under another Certified Arborist, or work for 1 year under a certified Arborist and obtain a relevant 4-year degree. A demanding exam follows, and once certified, arborists must participate in ongoing education.


As part of their training, Utah arborists acquire knowledge of tree biology, growth patterns and best practices for preserving tree health. Professionals who lack ISA certification typically have less formal education and, therefore, a limited understanding of how to care for trees.

Expertise in Proper Tree Pruning Techniques

The health and beauty of a tree depends largely upon how it is pruned. Certified Utah arborists receive extensive training in proper tree pruning techniques, and their expertise ensures that dead, damaged and weak branches are removed in the right manner.


Other professionals who offer pruning services may not know the methods that provide the best results. They might over prune or, worse, employ harmful practices like topping, lion’s tailing or rooster tailing. And by not following the ISA standards on tree pruning, they could seriously damage or even kill an otherwise healthy specimen.

Risk Assessment for Safe Tree Pruning

Certified Utah arborists can frequently identify signs of tree disease before they’re easily visible. They also understand how to spot weak limbs that may suddenly fall. Arborists are qualified to assess the potential risks of pruning, and they take care to use the proper safety procedures.


Any professional who isn’t a certified arborist may not have the ability to recognize risk factors or less obvious signs of disease and decay. In addition, a landscaper or handyman may fail to use the right tools, or they may not complete the work in the safest manner. To reduce the chance of injuries or damage, call a Utah arborist instead.

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