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When to Get Help with Utah Tree Disease Treatment


If you’re like many homeowners in Cottonwood Heights, you probably haven’t given much thought to tree disease treatment. But the truth is, your property is vulnerable.


Tree diseases are among the biggest causes of dieback in Utah woodlands and forests.Not all diseased specimens can be saved, but many can recover with expert care – if, that is, the problem is recognized in time. For that reason, contacting a local certified arborist and scheduling a yearly yard analysis is a good idea. In the meantime, you may want to take a good look at your landscape to see if you can spot any signs warning of the need for tree disease treatment.


Do Your Trees Look Healthy?


Sometimes, it takes the expert eye of a certified Utah arborist to identify the presence of tree disease. But quite often, diseased trees exhibit clear symptoms of a problem.


Stroll around your Cottonwood Heights property, looking for irregularities or differences in the bark, branches and leaves of every tree. If you notice any of the following, the specimen may be affected by disease:

  • Wilting foliage or leaf drop in the wrong season

  • Yellowing, discolored or damaged leaves

  • Spots, blemishes or splits in the bark

  • Dying, dead or dropping branches

  • Uneven growth or poorly structured limbs


What’s Killing Your Trees?


If you suspect a disease is killing your trees, seek help from a certified Utah arborist. Don’t attempt to diagnose or treat the problem on your own.


You might expect us to say that, since we’re a tree care company. But we’re not simply trying to gain your business. Dozens of diseases are prevalent in northern Utah, and many share common symptoms, so you could easily mistake one for another. In that case, you might apply the wrong treatment – and that could end up killing the tree.


In addition, tree disease might not even be the problem. Pest infestations can cause many of the same symptoms, as can overwatering and underwatering. To get an accurate diagnosis and effectively treat a sick specimen, you’ll need a local certified arborist.


Getting Rid of Tree Disease


If you have a diseased tree, you’ll want to get treatment as soon as possible. Put the matter off for too long, and the disease could spread to affect nearby plants.


Certified arborists use a range of methods to treat diseased specimens. Spraying or injecting a specially formulated fungicide into the trunk, roots or branches can often work to eliminate the problem. In some cases, the foliage must be removed and destroyed. For many specimens, improving soil conditions is key to dealing with disease.


Rivendell Tree Experts is here if you need help with tree disease treatment. Our team has extensive experience diagnosing and treating affected specimens, and we’re known for our reliability, integrity and dedication to customer service.


For a free, no-obligation yard analysis and a professional opinion regarding your need for Utah tree disease treatment, contact the Rivendell team today.