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When Should You Spray Trees for Insects and Infection?


Should you spray trees right away when you notice a problem? Whether it’s fungus, blight or insects, you want to ward off any harmful conditions that could take down an otherwise healthy tree on your property. But it’s critical to treat these problems correctly. You might do more damage if you spray trees unnecessarily or if you spray trees too long after the infection has taken hold. What guidelines should you follow?​


Prevention Is Key to Saving Your Trees


Many tree diseases are prevented through thorough watering and proper fertilization. You should also take care not to damage tree roots when mowing near their bases. Keep a close eye on all trees on your property and inspect them regularly. When you know what a healthy tree looks like, it’s easier to spot a problem.


Know the Signs


The signs of disease and infestation vary depending on the condition and the type of tree, but here are problematic symptoms to watch for:

  • Leaves that fall much earlier than normal

  • Leaves with gray, brown or green spots

  • Leaves that turn pale

  • Leaves that are contorted

  • Insect exit holes in tree branches or trunk

  • Sawdust around base of the tree


The moment you notice your tree is sick, given its symptoms, it’s time to explore the right treatment. ​


Get Advice from Your Arborist ​


A range of fungicides and insecticides could help your tree defeat the outside threat. It’s best to start by getting a proper diagnosis from an arborist. You should know what disease is affecting the tree before you unleash a chemical spray. General pesticide sprays may not eradicate the problem, and can expose your landscape to harsh chemicals for no reason. Second, make sure you time the treatment correctly. A professional arborist helps by identifying the stage of the disease. Many tree diseases or infestations must be treated within a certain window of time, or else the chemical intervention will not work. On the other hand, your tree might need a series of sprays in order to fully treat the problem. Your arborist will be able to help you select the right product. ​


Don’t Make Amateur Mistakes ​


Trees that are neglected can develop diseases and infestations. But trees that are attended to the wrong way are also at risk.

For example, incorrect pruning is one of the top reasons trees become vulnerable to disease. When you lop off a branch in the wrong direction, at the wrong angle or in the wrong spot, you can do more harm than good. It’s good to want your trees to flourish, but without the proper guidance, you could unwittingly expose them to unforeseen danger. ​

When you’re trying to prune or spray trees on your property, do so in a productive way, with the help of our team: Rivendell Tree Experts. With years of experience, certified training and a love for healthy trees, we’re the right people to call when yours need help.