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When Is it Time for Tree Removal?

when is it time for tree removal

Tree removal isn’t always what homeowners want, but sometimes it’s what they need. How can you tell?

Schedule a consultation with an arborist and get an expert opinion on the health of your property’s trees. Below are some signs you should get an arborist on site soon.

Trees Teetering Dangerously

When trees begin to lean, they are at serious risk of falling. What you don’t want is the tree falling on your family members, house, shed, garage, car, etc. So any significantly leaning tree is cause for concern because you don’t know what to expect. Will it fall away from your house? Should you get it removed proactively? Teetering trees mean it’s time to get an expert opinion on the best route to take.

When Power Lines Are at Risk

If you see a dead or dying branch or tree near a power line, don’t wait until the next big storm. Preserve power to your home and address the issue right away. In many cases, full tree removal isn’t required if a simple pruning will effectively reduce the risk posed to nearby power lines.

It’s Clear the Tree Is Dead or Dying

Even if the tree is standing up straight and doesn’t pose a threat to power lines, other signs can indicate its health is not up to par. Does the tree have a significant amount of peeling bark? Are there cracks in the trunk? Does it have dead branches high up in the crown? When a tree is dead or dying, there are ways to successfully execute tree removal in a way that is safe and nonthreatening to the surrounding landscape, and your arborist knows these methods.

Drastic Root Damage

Even if what’s high above the ground looks vibrant and healthy, tree longevity is dictated by more than the color of its leaves and the number of buds. It also is predicted by the health of its root system. If you know your tree recently sustained serious root damage, give us a call. Whether you were digging up your sewer tank or installing a new swimming pool, damaging your trees’ roots can have serious implications. While signs of root damage might not show up right away after an accident, trees that have gradually lost root health over the years may show fungi growing at the base of the trunk or heaving soil underneath the leaf canopy.

Why You Should Trust a Pro

Trees are a central part of life, but it’s not always easy to understand how or when you might need tree removal. This is where an experienced, licensed arborist can provide you with facts and data, and use their skills to effectively make your property safer, both for you and the surrounding landscape. Trust Rivendell Tree Experts when you need tree removal services for the hands-on, highly professional care your trees deserve.