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Utah Tree Care Tips: When to Call an Arborist

Utah Tree Care Tips

Certified Utah arborists – like the team at Rivendell Tree Experts – are the professionals to call in the event of an emergency, such as a downed trunk or a branch growing near a utility line. But crisis situations aren’t the only times when contacting an arborists makes good sense.


Here, we share several scenarios that warrant the attention of a certified Utah arborist.


When You Notice Storm Damage


Heavy storms can wreak havoc on your trees, but don’t address the damage by reaching for the chainsaw. Sure, that’s what many Utah homeowners do, but going that route is risking sick trees. Instead, contact a certified arborist, as they’ll know how to properly prune and treat each specimen to ensure future health.


When Branches Don’t Look Stable


Have you noticed a limb that looks to be in danger of falling? Don’t wait for it to happen, as any branch wider than two inches has the potential to cause significant damage – and if someone is standing underneath when the limb falls, you’ll be liable. If you suspect a branch might come crashing down, call a certified Utah arborist as soon as possible.


When You Can See Tree Roots


Experts say that up to 80 percent of the issues that occur with Utah trees have their origin in the root system. Check the specimens on your property regularly, and if you see any with exposed roots, schedule a consultation with a Utah arborist. By addressing the situation early on, the problem won’t grow to threaten health or stability.


When Your Trees Look Unhealthy


As you inspect your trees, look for signs of declining health. Differences in the coloration of the foliage, leaves dropping in the wrong season, dying branches, visible changes in the bark and uneven growth can indicate disease or pest infestation – and both require the attention of a certified Utah arborist with experience in tree diagnosis and treatment.


When You Want to Plant New Trees


If you’re ready to add some new saplings to your Utah property, getting expert advice from a certified arborist is wise. Certain species aren’t well-suited to our climate, and those that are have specific sunlight, soil and watering needs. Plus, the planting spots require careful consideration, as your new trees must have sufficient room to grow without affecting other specimens or nearby structures.

Whenever you require the attention of a certified Utah arborist, call on the professional team at Rivendell Tree Experts. We offer 24-hour emergency services, and we’re ready to handle all of your tree care needs.


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