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Utah Arborist Tips – How to Protect Trees from Wintry Conditions

Utah Arborist Tips – How to Protect Trees from Wintry Conditions

We love wintertime in Cottonwood Heights, but as experienced Utah arborists, we can’t help but be a little concerned about the trees on our properties during the cold weather months.


Winter can create a host of issues for trees, issues that compromise their health. The beautiful winter wonderland we see is actually a threat to the landscape – and while you can’t provide complete protection from the effects of wintry conditions, arborists say that you can take steps to safeguard your trees.


Root Insulation


The roots of your trees might be underground, but that doesn’t necessarily keep them protected from damage when the temperature plunges. To provide adequate insulation, Utah arborists advise mulching – applying a two- to four-inch layer of mulch should help the root system stay warm this winter.


Drought Defense


Are there any young saplings or evergreens on your Cottonwood Heights property? Young specimens and evergreen trees of any age are at risk of suffering the effects of drought during the wintertime. Arborists say that a thorough watering right before the ground freezes, and if it hasn’t rained or snowed in about a month, can help prevent this problem.


Branch Preservation


If you have tree branches hanging over your home, garage or driveway, winter stress could make them dangerous – and if a limb comes crashing down, someone could be injured. To prevent this, and to avoid property damage from falling branches, arborists may suggest tip weight pruning or if necessary, removal.


Snow Accumulation


Snowy winters are all too common here in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. According to experienced arborists, heavy snow accumulation can be a threat to a tree’s integrity. After snowstorms, it’s a good idea to brush off the branches on younger trees , but use a gentle touch. If you’re too aggressive, you might inadvertently cause more damage.


Sidewalk Safety


Many northern Utah homeowners rely on sidewalk salt in the winter, as it helps keep the walkways clear and, therefore, makes falling much less likely. But, arborists know how damaging these products can be – the salt can easily leach into the ground and enter a tree’s root system. Use sand or gravel instead, as those are tree-friendly deicers.


Experienced Utah Arborists Can Protect Your Trees from Winter Threats


Not every northern Utah homeowner has time for tree care, and frankly, many people prefer to leave the necessary tasks to a certified Utah arborist. With an experienced arborist on the job, wintry conditions aren’t a worry – and at Rivendell Tree Experts, providing your trees with protection won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


Our arborists have years of experience meeting the tree care needs of homeowners and businesses in Cottonwood Heights. We’re known for reliability, integrity and affordability, and we’d love to offer you a free, no-obligation consultation. To discuss your wintertime tree care needs with a friendly and knowledgeable Utah arborist, contact Rivendell Tree Experts today.