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Tree Watering Tips from a Utah Arborist

Tree Watering Tips from a Utah Arborist

How much do you know about tree watering? If you’re not an arborist, chances are you wing it when it comes to watering your trees – and that can have a detrimental effect on their health and longevity.


Fortunately, tree watering isn’t overly complex. Different species may have different needs, and factors like soil conditions and weather patterns can be concerns. But you don’t need to become an arborist to water properly – simply follow these guidelines.


Water in the Early Morning Hours


Arborists agree that the best time for tree watering is in the early morning, particularly on hot summer days. With a morning soak, the water has a good chance to sink into the roots before the sun’s heat arrives and causes the moisture to evaporate.


Water Newly-Planted Trees Frequently


For newly-planted specimens, arborists recommend sticking to a strict watering schedule. In the first two weeks after planting, water daily. For the next several weeks, give a good soak about two to three times per week.


Deep Water During the First Growing Seasons


For the first few years, young specimens have difficulty dealing with heat and drought. To allow for this and encourage healthy root development, arborists advise deep tree watering, fully saturating the soil and roots. Deep watering is most important during the first year, but is also helpful at any stage of a tree’s life.


Check Soil Before Watering Established Trees


Older specimens aren’t as needy or vulnerable, but they still require a decent soak now and then. As for a rule of thumb to follow, arborists say that if the soil isn’t moist to the touch, it’s time for tree watering.


Apply Mulch to Preserve Soil Moisture


Mulch helps retain moisture in the soil, providing a barrier against evaporation – which is beneficial for both newly-planted and well-established specimens. Arborists say to apply a layer about two to four inches deep around the base, avoiding the trunk and any root flares.


Know Your Watering Requirements


As we mentioned, different species have different water needs. Some are drought-tolerant and can go for longer periods of time without a drink, while others require more frequent watering. To learn about the specific watering requirements of the trees on your property, meet with a local certified arborist.


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