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Tree Trimming Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Tree Trimming Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Tree trimming may seem like a simple task, one you can easily handle yourself. After all, you’re capable of clipping branches, right?


If that’s all you needed to know to trim trees properly, we’d say that anyone could complete the work. In reality, however, many northern Utah homeowners who try their hand at trimming end up doing more harm than good. Here are a few mistakes people commonly make, any of which can compromise tree growth and diminish the beauty of your landscape.

Trimming Trees at the Wrong Time

For some situations – such as trees with dead or damaged branches, or lighter trimming – trimming can be done at any time. But in most cases pruning between late fall and early spring or when they’re dormant allows the tree workers to take a lot more out than they normally would in spring or summer and not cause any more stress. Get the timing wrong, and you’ll not only put undue stress on your trees, but you’ll also make them more vulnerable to pests and infectious disease.

​Trimming the Wrong Tree Branches

Tree trimming is a task that requires careful thought. Start cutting down random branches, and the end results could look less than ideal after the leaves grow in. And, if you trim away too many limbs or remove too much of the canopy, you could permanently damage or even kill a healthy specimen.

Trimming with the Wrong Approach

​Think that cutting branches off right where they connect with the trunk is the right way to go about trimming a tree? Slicing through this spot – called the branch collar – is actually a blunder. Make your cuts too close, and you may affect how nutrients pass through the branches and the trunk, which could result in future growth problems.

Why Tackle Tree Trimming on Your Own?

Given the time and effort involved – and how easy it is to make a mistake – tree trimming is best left to a professional. Certified arborists have the knowledge and skill to do the job properly, while also adhering to the best safety practices.


Trimming can help keep your northern Utah landscape looking beautiful, but going it alone may have the opposite effect. Why risk that happening when the highly skilled professional team at Rivendell Tree Experts is ready to help? Our arborists can give every specimen on your property the care and attention it deserves – and with us, trimming comes at an affordable price.


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