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Tree Preservation – Tips for Preventing Storm Damage

Tree Preservation

When’s the last time you thought about tree preservation?

As a homeowner, you want the trees that enhance your northern Utah property to remain healthy and stable for decades to come.

However, our part of the country is vulnerable to severe storms in the spring and summer, and harsh weather events have the potential to result in damaged and uprooted specimens. Fortunately, using the right tree preservation techniques can lessen the impact and help ensure that your plantings are well-protected from storm damage.

Staking Young Saplings

Planted any saplings recently? If the sapling begins to shift, consider using stakes to make sure they stand strong during heavy storms. Leave the supports in place for no longer than 6 to 12 months, though, as doing otherwise can stunt growth.

Proactive Tree Pruning

Pruning isn’t just about making trees look more attractive. Proactive trimming of the canopies — along with any dead, diseased or deteriorated branches, of course – dramatically reduces the risk of storm damage.

Deep Root Fertilization

Tree stability begins with the root system, and while year-round watering goes a long way to ensuring healthy growth, deep root fertilization goes further. By suppling the roots with greater quantities of air and nutrients, you can help your trees grow stronger.

Should You Leave Tree Preservation to a Certified Arborist?

Knowing what you can do to prevent storm damage is one thing, but understanding how to get the job done correctly is quite another. Identifying at-risk specimens and taking the right steps to ensure healthy growth are no simple tasks, and without expert knowledge, you could inadvertently cause more damage.


Certified arborists have the training and skills to limit damage caused by spring and summer storms, while also giving your trees the best chance at long-term structural integrity. If you believe maintaining the beauty of your northern Utah property is important, you’ll want to hire a certified arborist with extensive experience in tree preservation – like the professional team at Rivendell Tree Experts.


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