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Think You Need Tree Removal? Here’s What to Do

Need Tree Removal-Utah

Sometimes, tree removal is unavoidable. If one of the specimens on your northern Utah property is dead, dying or has a significant lean, removing it is often the only course of action.


That said, tree removal is typically a last resort. And in many cases, experienced arborists can save problem specimens and stave off the need to take them down. In light of that, here’s what you should do if you think you may need to remove a tree.


Consult with a Reputable Local Arborist


Before you go ahead with tree removal, doesn’t it make sense to find out whether or not the task is really necessary? A certified arborist has the training, knowledge and expertise to determine whether specimens can be saved – and many provide free consultations, so you can get an answer at no cost.


To choose a local arborist, look for a licensed and insured professional with certification from the International Society of Arboriculture and years of experience. As that describes the entire team here at Rivendell Tree Experts, you can simply give us a call for a free professional assessment.


Consider Tree Preservation Techniques


Remarkable advances in tree preservation allow arborists to save many diseased specimens. Injecting a fungicide, pesticide or antibiotic solution directly into the sap stream can effectively manage the disease, with no risk of exposure or adverse effect on the beneficial insect population.


As for leaning trunks and partially uprooted specimens, cabling and bracing can provide support and encourage healthy long-term growth. Cables and braces can also work to save trees with multiple trunks and vertical trunk cracks.


When you consult with a local arborist, ask if tree preservation is an option. Not every specimen can be saved, of course, but you may be able to take steps to avoid tree removal.


Let a Professional Handle the Tree Removal


If you have no other choice but to remove a tree, leave the job to a professional.


Sure, removal might seem straightforward, and you can find videos and guides online that walk you through the process. But the truth is, taking down a tree can be quite a challenge. Without proper care, you may end up damaging your property – or, worse, you could suffer a disabling injury.


Taking the chance simply isn’t worth it. You’ll be far better off hiring a professional, as that way you can count on a safe, trouble-free tree removal.


If you live in in Utah County or the greater Salt Lake City area, turn to Rivendell Tree Experts. Our professional team has extensive experience removing dead, dying and damaged specimens, and we can also employ a range of preservation techniques to keep removal from being necessary.


​For a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss tree removal with one of our certified arborists, contact our Lehi, Utah, office today.