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Summer Tree Care Tips for Homeowners in Cottonwood Heights

Summer Tree Care Tips for Homeowners in Cottonwood Heights

Summer has arrived in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, but while we may love the hotter months, we should give some thought to tree care.


To remain strong and beautiful, trees often need a little TLC in the summertime. When not set up to withstand the excessive heat and potential drought, they can suffer the effects – and the sunny days could lead to growth issues or even cause a tree to fail entirely.


Ready to take action and ensure your trees thrive over the summer? For a gorgeous and healthy landscape, follow these tree care tips.


Opt for Deep Watering


Trees need plenty of water in the summertime, and certified Utah arborists recommend using the deep watering method when rain isn’t providing enough hydration.


Trees vary in their water needs based on ambient temperatures, soil type and general requirements of specific species, but here is a rule of thumb that works for many trees in Utah: apply five gallons of water for each inch in trunk diameter and repeat every week where there isn’t significant rainfall.


Make sure to inspect your tree and the soil before watering to make sure it needs it. If you dig down an inch or two and it’s still moist, you can wait a day. If it’s very dry, increase the frequency.


Cover the Soil with Mulch


Mulching is an important step in the summer. Spreading mulch over the soil helps conserve moisture, stabilizing the ground temperature and combatting the effects of extreme heat. For best results, apply a two- to four-inch layer of mulch, leaving space around the trunk of each specimen.


Consider Soil Fertilization


Proper fertilization can help keep trees growing strong.By applying fertilizer now, you can give each specimen on your Cottonwood Heights property the necessary nutrients to remain healthy. For advice on exactly when and how to fertilize the different species you own, consult a tree care professional.


Watch for Signs of Stress


Do you see leaves that are wilting or turning yellow? That could mean the affected specimen isn’t getting enough water – or, conversely, it could mean that you’re overwatering. Tree care professionals, say that the soil should be moist, but not overly wet, four to six inches below the surface.


Schedule a Tree Inspection


Getting your trees inspected now is a great idea. The crowns should be full in the summer, and Utah arborists can check the foliage for signs of weakness, disease and pest infestation. With regular professional tree inspections, any problem can be caught and addressed early on.


Turn to the Rivendell Team


Have questions about watering, pruning or fertilizing? Or would you like a professional inspection? Whatever your tree care needs, the Rivendell team is here to help.


In Salt Lake County and across northern Utah, homeowners trust Rivendell Tree Experts to provide qualify services at an affordable price. For a free consultation with the top tree care provider in Cottonwood Heights, contact us today.