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Stump Grinding: Why Bother?


Is stump grinding worth the cost?

After having a tree removed from your property, you may be hesitant to pay the extra money to get rid of the stump as well. After all, what damage could it cause? Even though it may seem harmless, removing it is best.

Tree Stumps Take Away from a Home’s Aesthetics

You may stop noticing it after a time, but if you list your home for sale, potential buyers aren’t going to appreciate the look of a rotting tree stump. They’re going to wonder why you haven’t removed it. It’s taking up precious space in your landscape. No matter how small, no tree stump positively contributes to a home’s aesthetic appeal.

The Tree Can Grow Back

In many cases, leaving the stump in the ground will only contribute to sprout growth. Stump grinding can help ensure that small trees stop growing.

They Can Be Dangerous

Tree stumps are a nuisance at best and hazardous at worst. It can be annoying to have to mow and trim weeds around it. When children are running around the yard, they could easily trip over it and get hurt.

It Could Lead to Infestations

As the wood degrades, it attracts insects like termites and ants. While you might not care about insects feeding off the stump, you will not like it if the infestation spreads to your home or another nearby plant or tree that you want to keep healthy.

Stump Grinding Is Typically the Safest, Best Option

There are many stump removal techniques, from dousing the stump with chemicals to attempting to pull it out of the ground with a chain and a pickup truck. But there is only one method that effectively and safely removes the entire stump, including the roots: stump grinding. Stump grinding disintegrates both the visible portion and the visible lateral roots near the trunk to wood chips and mulch. This makes it much easier to dispose of. Safety is an important factor when operating a stump-grinding machine, so it is best to trust a trained professional. They will use the Blue Stakes services, to ensure that no unseen lines will be damaged.

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