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Planting Trees Can Increase Property Value

Planting Trees Can Increase Property Value Utah

Planting trees won’t only make your home look beautiful, it will allow you to reap financial rewards later on. A fully grown, healthy, mature tree significantly adds to property values.

Professional tree planting services help match the right trees to your home, in terms of type and size. Encouraging thriving trees on your property is affordable, and it’s a valuable investment.

Actual Property Value ​

Many studies across the country have demonstrated the financial benefits of planting trees. According to HGTV.com, mature trees enhance property values by up to 19 percent. The National Arbor Day Foundation says landscaping that includes trees increases home values 20 percent.

Homeowners can see a 100 percent or more return on landscaping investments, but it takes planning. It takes certain trees decades to grow to their full size. Plants can take up to seven years to mature. If you are planning on selling your home in the next few years, start planting trees now and encourage healthy growth over the coming seasons, and you could very well see an increase in your final sale price.

Monthly Savings

You don’t necessarily have to sell your home to see a return on your tree planting investment. Fully grown trees provide shade cover that significantly reduces energy bills. According to the USDA Forest Service, when trees are planted and positioned effectively around a home, they can reduce air conditioning needs by 30 percent.

Deciding Which Tree Is Right for Your Home

Of course, not just any tree will do. Expert tree planting involves researching the local landscape and finding out what will flourish in your climate. Soil composition must also be considered.

Finally, the actual planting of the tree will require experience and precision. Planting a tree too close to a home or structure can result in root infiltration, and planting a tree too far away will reduce the potential for energy savings.

Additional benefits from planting trees include privacy, noise reduction and the creation of an atmosphere friendly to wildlife. Trees also are proven to lower stress and anxiety — your backyard oasis will be quiet, peaceful and therapeutic.

Invest in your property by planting trees — boost your curb appeal, reduce your energy bill and see a return on the costs in the future. Rivendell Tree Experts offers expert tree planting services that translate to gorgeous, eye-catching results — call today for a free estimate.