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Planting a Tree? Find the Right Kind for Your Yard.

Planting a Tree

Planting a tree in your yard is nearly always a great idea. Whether you’re going for shade or curb appeal, trees provide countless benefits that enhance landscapes and entire neighborhoods.

But before you buy the first sapling you can find at your local nursery, it helps to research different types of trees in advance. The right type of tree for you will depend on how much space you have in your yard and your reasons for planting a tree in the first place.

Do your homework and rely on expert advice so your new tree will last for decades to come.


There Are So Many Reasons to Plant More Trees

Why should you plant more trees? Trees act as natural air filters, absorbing harmful pollutants and gases, and raising oxygen levels all around you. Breathe in deeply — your trees make the air fresher, cleaner and healthier!

Trees provide shade for buildings, which helps your home conserve energy, saving money. They also prevent heat islands in urban settings and offset the harmful effects of climate change.

Shade isn’t just an energy-efficient benefit. It also limits water evaporation and helps your plants and grass thrive. Children and pets can happily play outside, even in the hot summer, when they have shaded areas.

Trees have proven psychological benefits — there is less violence in regions with more trees. They automatically raise property values. More people visit businesses when trees are planted nearby. People physically heal faster and experience fewer health complications when they have a view of area trees.

You know you want to plant a tree on your property. Your only remaining question is what kind?

How Much Space Is Available?

First look at your plot. Are there power lines overhead? Should you worry about roots interfering with nearby structures?

If you have limited space for tree growth, opt for a smaller tree. A smaller species won’t grow into wires overhead, and roots won’t cause instability in driveways or on patios or foundations. Another advantage of a smaller tree is you won’t have much raking to do in the fall.

Some smaller species that may interest you are the hedge maple or the Japanese tree lilac.

Are You Looking for Shade?

You want to enjoy some cool shade during a hot Utah summer. You’d also like to pay less for your home’s air conditioning. A large, leafy tree is the ideal solution.

Consider the honey locust — it provides shade, and it’s resistant to de-icing salt, a constant during a snowy Utah winter.

Would You Like to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal?

Adding trees to your landscape instantly increases its value and beauty, but certain trees stand out more than others. For example, the snowdrift flowering crabapple features pink buds that open to beautiful white blossoms. The Yoshino flowering cherry has light pink or white blossoms in the spring that turn yellow in the fall.

Trust Rivendell Tree Experts for advice when planting a tree — we can help match you with the perfect species.