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Need Tree Services? Winter Is the Time to Call a Utah Arborist

Need Tree Services

While many Cottonwood Heights homeowners think that tree services are best left for the spring – or that tree care companies aren’t open for business in the winter — this isn’t necessarily the case. Many Utah arborists work year-round, and scheduling work during the colder months can be a smart plan. Here’s why.

Branches are More Clearly Visible in the Winter

​Did you know that trees can get stressed?


Improper planting, poor watering practices and soil compaction are a few of the stressors that can lead to tree failure. Another is pruning too much at the wrong time – and in Utah, most species benefit from a wintertime manicure. While in most cases, you can prune at least some at any time of year, in the winter, you can be more aggressive while still causing the same amount of stress to the tree as a much lighter prune would in late spring or summer. Winter is the dormant season for trees and for many pests, so the chance of microbes, fungi or insects entering through cuts in the branches is low.

Hard Frozen Ground Makes Tree Care Easier

​Do you want to avoid damage to your landscape?


Of course you do – and professional Utah arborists make every effort to protect against any type of damage as they do their work. They need to be extra careful in the warmer months, as the trucks, lifts and other necessary tree service equipment can sink into the ground and mar the landscape. That’s not a problem in the winter, and with easier access to your property, arborists can complete their tasks more quickly.


Do you want convenient and cost-effective tree services?


You may have a pretty hectic schedule at this time of year, but for Utah arborists, winter is the slow season. Most homeowners in Cottonwood Heights don’t give any thought to outdoor landscaping projects during the colder months – and if you contact a tree service company now, you can have an arborist come out at your convenience. Plus, with the reduced demand for services, you can expect a great price.

Utah Arborists are Less Busy in the Winter Months

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