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Is Wintertime Tree Removal Possible in Cottonwood Heights, Utah?

Tree Removal Possible in Cottonwood Heights

Many Cottonwood Heights homeowners assume that tree removal is out of the question during the winter months, and it’s easy to see why they have that thought. With the cold and the snow we get here in northern Utah, outside work of this natures seems impractical.


So, is that the case? Do you need to wait until spring arrives to have a dead, damaged or unsightly tree removed?


The short answer is no. But we have to point out that not only is wintertime tree removal possible, getting the task done at this time of year can also be beneficial. To understand why, read on.


The Benefits of Wintertime Tree Removal


While trees can be removed year-round in northern Utah, there are advantages to winter tree removal. Here are a few reasons why you might want to go ahead with the project now:

  • Professional arborists can better assess a tree’s structure when the specimen is dormant, and the lack of foliage makes removal easier.

  • By removing a compromised tree sooner rather than later, you can avoid branches snapping under the weight of snow.

  • With the ground frozen, heavy machinery can move on and off of your property without causing damage to the landscape.

  • When a diseased or infested tree is removed in the wintertime, there’s less of a chance of the problem spreading the following spring.

In addition, since most Cottonwood Heights homeowners don’t think to plan tree removal during the winter, there’s often more flexibility in scheduling. With reduced demand for arborist services, you can also look forward to favorable pricing.


When Waiting on Tree Removal Isn’t Recommended


We’ve talked about the many reasons winter can be a good time of year to remove a compromised tree, but the decision on when to plan the project is in your hands. That being said, for specimens with serious issues, arborists say that the best time for removal is as soon as possible.


How do you know if your tree is a hazard? If you’ve noticed any of the following, you’d be wise to have an Arborist do an assessment now:

  • More than 50% of limbs are dead

  • Cracks in the trunk

  • A significant lean

  • Obvious root damage

  • Growth near power lines

Acting quickly and contacting a professional Utah arborist is the right approach to take with warning signs like these – but, removing the problematic specimen isn’t always the answer. Other strategies, such as structural tree pruning or cabling and bracing, could provide an effective solution.


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