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How Tree Experts Care for Snow-Covered Branches

How Tree Experts Care for Snow-Covered Branches

What do tree experts do when branches are bending under the heavy weight of snow?


If you encounter this issue, your first thought may be to relieve the burden. But if you act on this inclination too quickly, you may actually make the issue worse.


First, consider whether the snow-covered branch poses a hazard. If so, contact a reputable local arborist – like the team at Rivendell Tree Experts. If the limb isn’t likely to cause damage to your northern Utah property, follow these recommendations.


Refrain from Shaking the Tree


To remove snow from tree branches, why not give the tree a good shake?


While shaking could accomplish your goal, it could also lead to further problems. Heavy snow accumulation makes limbs weaker — and a shake might just make branches that are bent from a blanket of snow snap. Breakage would not only hurt the tree, but could also cause you to suffer a serious injury.


Gently Brush the Snow Away


Grabbing a soft-bristled broom might be an effective way to solve your problem.


If the branches are covered in soft, fluffy snow, tree experts recommend using a broom to remove it. Sweeping upwards – not from the top down – is best, as that helps ensure you don’t put additional pressure on the weakened limbs.


Leave Icy Tree Limbs Alone


Experienced arborists caution that ice on branches should be left to melt on its own.


Any efforts you make to break up the ice could easily cause damage, and deicing products are not safe for use on trees. Ignore the icy layers, or you might end up facing even bigger issues.


Look at the Limbs in the Spring


Bent, snow-covered branches can compromise the health of a tree.


Once the season for snow and ice has passed, check the limbs to see if they have any noticeable damage. This can be difficult to detect, however, so to play it safe, you may want to have a local arborist take on the task. If your home is in Utah County or the greater Salt Lake City area, contact the professional team at Rivendell Tree Experts.


Whether you need immediate assistance dealing with a hazardous snow-covered branch or a professional assessment of your tree’s health, we can meet your needs. And with us, you can count on exceptional customer service and affordable pricing.


Our experienced arborists offer free professional consultations and estimates to northern Utah homeowners and businesses. To schedule yours, or to get answers to your questions taking care of snow-covered branches, contact Rivendell Tree Experts in Lehi today.