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How to Handle a Utah Tree Emergency

How to Handle a Utah Tree Emergency

In the event of a tree emergency on your private property, do you know what to do? Chances are, you probably haven’t given much thought to a plan of action if you happen upon a downed trunk, fallen branch or another potentially hazardous situation.

Time is of the essence when it comes to any tree emergency. The faster you act, the easier it is to contain the damage. Below, we explain how to handle the most common issues you may encounter as a property owner.

If a Tree or Branch Is Near a Utility Line…

Don’t go anywhere near the downed trunk or branch, as the power line presents a clear danger of injury. Keep children, pets and onlookers well away from the area, and contact your local utility company for assistance.

If a Tree or Large Branch Is on the Ground…

Contact a local Certified Arborist if you experience this type of emergency. An arborist can safely remove the obstruction without damaging your property. If the downed trunk or branch itself caused property damage, call your insurance agent.

If Snow or Ice Bends a Branch…

Keep everyone from walking or standing underneath the hazardous branch, then wait for the springtime thaw. The limb may return to its original state on its own but, if it doesn’t, call on a local Certified Arborist.

If the Soil Surrounding a Tree Is Flooded…

Check to see if the trunk is leaning or if the soil and grass around the roots have lifted. In either case, contact a Certified Arborist for an immediate safety assessment. Continue to monitor the situation, as symptoms may not appear for a year or more.

If a Contaminant Spill Occurs Close to a Tree…

When a faulty container or equipment malfunction dumps pesticide, fuel or any other potentially hazardous substance, the soil may become contaminated. To deal with this tree emergency, call a local Certified Arborist.

If a Car Crashes into a Tree…

Get the license plate number, contact information and insurance details of the driver, if possible, and document the event with photographs. Then, contact a Certified Arborist to evaluate and treat the damage caused by this situation.

As you can see, you’ll need to call on an arborist for expert help with most types of hazardous events. And, the best time to find a Certified Arborist with expertise in emergency tree care is before you come upon a problem.

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