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How Professional Tree Trimming Protects Your Rooftop

How Professional Tree Trimming Protects Your Rooftop

Is it time for tree trimming?


As a general rule, experts say to trim trees once a year during the dormant season, which varies by species. However, certain circumstances call for immediate trimming.


If you have branches hanging over your roof, tree trimming is a task that cannot wait.

​Overhanging branches are a hazard, and ignoring the issue could result in costly damage.


How Overhanging Branches Can Cost You


When branches grow to hang over your rooftop, they become threats to your property. Without prompt trimming, you may experience a few different problems:

  • High winds can cause overhanging branches to scrape against the shingles, stripping the asphalt away and leaving the rooftop vulnerable to leaks.

  • As leaves from the offending limbs fall, they slide into your gutters. And when your gutters are clogged, your rooftop is at risk of deteriorating due to leaks, mold growth and ice dams.

  • During a heavy storm, overhanging branches can crash down onto your rooftop. If that happens, minor damage is the best you could hope for, as you could end up facing major rooftop repairs.

If you have overhanging branches and want to protect your rooftop – and your wallet – schedule professional tree trimming as soon as possible.


Why DIY Tree Trimming is a Bad Idea


Unless you have experience in trimming trees, attempting the project yourself is not advisable.


Taking the DIY approach to trimming puts your personal safety at risk. You could easily fall off the ladder or rooftop as you try to reach the branches, suffering injuries that send you to the hospital.


DIY trimming can also result in damage. If you don’t make the right cuts, the limbs you are trying to remove could fall onto your rooftop. So, instead of solving the problem, you might actually make it worse.


What to Do When a Neighbor’s Tree is the Problem


If the branches hanging over your rooftop aren’t from one of your trees, talk to your neighbor before having them trimmed.

You may have the right to remove overhanging branches, but discussing the matter first is best. No one wants to see a neighbor cutting one of their trees, and notifying your neighbor before you take action ensures you don’t face an unpleasant reaction.


In addition, you may be responsible for any damage that occurs during the trimming process. For that reason, hiring a certified arborist – who has training, skills and experience in proper tree trimming practices – is in your best interest.


If you live in the greater Salt Lake City area, turn to Rivendell Tree Experts for professional assistance dealing with overhanging branches.


​Based in Lehi, Rivendell Tree Experts is a trusted northern Utah industry leader. Our highly-experienced certified arborists understand how to safely trim trees without affecting their future health and growth. For a complimentary consultation and estimate for professional tree trimming, contact us today.