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How Much Does Tree Stump Grinding Cost?


When you remove a tree, stump grinding is necessary to prevent regrowth and avoid insect infestation. Plus, old, rotting stumps are eyesores – definitely not the type of focal point you want on your northern Utah property.


Stump removal is best left to the professionals at Rivendell Tree Experts, as there could be underground utilities and other obstructions in the immediate area. But how much will it cost?


Every project has unique considerations, so prices are quoted on a case-by-case basis. That said, professional stump grinding usually comes in around $200 and, sometimes, the cost is even lower.


Average Tree Stump Removal Rates


Though the cost of professional tree stump removal varies, it may help to know what other homeowners typically pay for the work.


According to HomeAdvisor.com, the trusted online information marketplace, the national average cost to remove a tree stump is $298. Most projects fall between $162 and $473, but removal can run as high as $900.


Costs for Professional Tree Stump Grinding


Most tree service companies base their removal fees on the width of the stump, charging per inch in diameter. Generally speaking, the average total for professional stump grinding in northern Utah is about $200, but can be much more for substantial stumps.


Given that renting a stump grinder typically costs around $190, tackling the project yourself isn’t going to result in much, if any, savings. Besides, if you hire a professional, you won’t have to worry about working around utility lines or meeting the local code and permit requirements.


Estimating Tree Stump Grinding Costs


There’s no denying that some stump removal projects come in at a higher price than others. To determine the total cost, professionals consider several factors.


Stump Condition


Stumps that are covered in moss cost more to remove, as the overgrowth may need to be cleared away for the work to begin. The same is true for trunks that need to be cut down before grinding.


Root System


If a stump has a vast, sprawling root system – which is common with large, old specimens – removal is more complex. The additional work required increases the cost of the project.


Removal Difficulty


Certain types of trees – including hardwoods like elm, birch and oak – are more difficult to remove than others. Access may also play a part in the price. For stumps of stubborn species and those in hard-to-reach spots, costs are higher.


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