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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost

Tree removal may be the best option if one of yours has to go – although most homeowners consider this action only as a last resort. Here at Rivendell Tree Experts, we frequently receive inquiries from homeowners and businesses asking about the costs of our services. Although we can’t tell you exactly how much to budget for tree removal until we can see the situation for ourselves, we can give you a basic idea of what to expect.


Typical Costs for Tree Removal The cost for removal depends largely on height, although girth, species, drag distance and nearby targets are also factored in. The price can range wildly, and although most homeowners can expect to pay a few hundred dollars, it’s possible for the price to be much higher or lower, depending on your individual situation. We recommend getting a price quote before beginning work, so that you don’t have a surprise when the bill comes due. How Tree Removal Cost is Determined When it comes to the total cost of removal, height isn’t the only consideration. The price is also based upon these additional factors:

  • Diameter: Thick specimens take longer to remove than those with thin trunks. So, as a general rule, the wider the trunk, the higher the cost of removal.

  • Condition: Removing a tree that’s dead, leaning or significantly decayed can be costlier, as the work can be more dangerous and require the use of extra safety equipment.

  • Location: Trees situated near power lines, buildings and other obstructions – and those that are difficult to access – are more complicated to remove, so the price is higher.

Extra Tree Services When you hire a professional for tree removal, extra services usually come at an added cost. Unless otherwise stated, you can expect to pay a separate fee for stump removal and log splitting. Limb chipping and removal may or may not be included, so make sure to ask.

How to Avoid Tree Removal in the Future

If you want the rest of your trees to remain in good shape for many years to come, you may want to consider additional services. Proper pruning, trimming and fertilization can go a long way toward protecting healthy specimens from disease, pest infestation and the effects of harsh weather. Arborists charge extra for these services, of course, but you may pay a lower price if you have the work done along with your tree removal.

Do you suspect that one of your trees might need to be removed? For a free, no-obligation consultation and service estimate in the greater Salt Lake and Utah county region, turn to Rivendell Tree Experts.

Our team of certified arborists has the training and expertise to nurse many ailing trees back to health. If it cannot be saved, however, we also have the skills for safe and efficient removal.

The Rivendell Tree Experts team is known for integrity, reliability, and exceptional customer care. Our focus is on providing quality workmanship, and we only recommend cost-effective, practical services. For more information, or to schedule a free tree removal consultation and estimate, contact our Lehi office today.