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How Do You Decide if It’s Time for Tree Removal?

How Do You Decide if It’s Time for Tree Removal

While experts consider tree removal to be a last resort, there are circumstances when homeowners in Cottonwood Heights need to take that step.


If you suspect that one of your specimens is past its prime, consult with a certified Utah arborist before making plans to have it removed. Preservation techniques like cabling and bracing or the injection of a pesticide, fungicide or antibiotic solution can work to save many at-risk trees.


That being said, for specimens that show signs of having significant issues, removal may be unavoidable. When deciding if tree removal is necessary, arborists take the following into account.

How Healthy is the Tree?

Generally speaking, when 50 percent or more of a specimen has substantial damage, Utah arborists may advise on removal.


Trees that aren’t in good shape can survive for quite some time, but their growth is typically limited – and that results in an irregular and, often, unsightly appearance. For that reason, if one of your specimens isn’t too healthy, removing it may be necessary to preserve the beauty of your property.

Signs You May Need Tree Removal

Trees that are growing beautifully add to the value of your Cottonwood Heights home – and those that develop problems can have the opposite effect. If you notice any of these warning signs, schedule a tree removal consultation with a certified Utah arborist:

  • Large wounds, vertical cracks or a hollow area in the main trunk

  • Numerous dead branches or patches where the bark has fallen off

  • A significant lean that has exposed or compromised the root system

  • Crown dieback and leaves that are discolored or abnormally shaped


Location may also lead to the need for tree removal. If one of yours is too close to your house or another structure, or if one is growing into the utility lines, an arborist might recommend removing it to prevent future property damage.


Get Professional Help With Tree Removal

You might prefer to take a do-it-yourself approach to landscape projects, but when you need to remove a tree, hiring a professional is a smart move.


Utah arborists have the training, skills and equipment to safely and efficiently remove trees. Watching a few videos or reading a how-to guide won’t give you anywhere near their level of expertise – and if you make a single misstep, your tree could come crashing down and cause costly property damage.


Sure, that may not happen. But should you really take the risk? Getting professional help may cost more than handling the project on your own, but the peace of mind you’ll get with a certified arborist is worth every penny. Plus, some Utah arborists – like the team at Rivendell Tree Experts – remove trees for a surprisingly affordable price.


For more information on our services, or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss tree removal in Cottonwood Heights, contact us today.