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Hiring an Arborist vs. Hiring a Landscaper: What’s the Difference?


Is hiring an arborist the same thing as hiring a landscaper? It’s a common question with a simple answer: no, it isn’t the same! There are essential differences between a landscaper and a licensed arborist who has all the training and tools to care for trees. It’s important to make the right choice when you’re addressing needs on your property.

The Landscaping Profession

Landscapers are well-versed in planting, growing, fertilizing and maintaining lawns, shrubs, plants and flowers. With the goal of creating an appealing outdoor environment, landscapers are helpful partners in enhancing curb appeal and keeping your plants healthy. Whether you hire them for design or cleanup, landscapers can help you mow, plant, mulch and trim shrubs. Some firms also design and build hardscapes. What don’t they do? They don’t specialize in tree care.

A Certified Arborist

A certified arborist has in-depth training in all aspects of tree care. They apply this knowledge to tree trimming, removal, planting, stump grinding and more. They have a range of equipment they can use to accomplish these tasks, and they are certified and insured to do so. When you depend on an arborist for tree care, you can rest assured you are ensuring the safety of not just your trees, but also your home and your family. They practice good pruning, and they can handle chippers and chainsaws without a problem.

Which Do You Need?

When you’re deciding between hiring an arborist or hiring a landscaper, the choice is simple. If your grass is dead and your yard needs revitalizing, call the landscaping company. If your trees look like they’re dead or dying (or their branches are), call an arborist. When in doubt about tree health, it doesn’t hurt to request a free quote for arborist services to see if they can help.

Trust Rivendell Tree Experts

When you are looking into hiring an arborist for a tree health or maintenance issue, don’t look any further than Rivendell Tree Experts. We are the conscientious, tree-loving team you want on your side. We quickly identify the problem (if there is one) and treat tree disease, or we carefully manage the removal of a stump or dead tree. With a wide range of equipment on hand and a team of certified arborists on call, we come to your aid whenever you need help. Call today for regular tree maintenance or for emergency service.