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Find Trusted Emergency Tree Service Before You Need It

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When it’s time to call for emergency tree service, every second wasted puts your property at risk.

If a tree in your yard is about to lose branches or come crashing down, you need to know who to call so you can prevent or limit property damage and bodily injury. ​

What should you look for in an emergency tree service provider?

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Don’t hire a company until you find out about their insurance coverage. While a trained team knows how to manage difficult projects safely, removing a dead or collapsing tree isn’t a risk-free job. Make sure the company you employ has full comprehensive coverage so you aren’t responsible for any accidental damage to your home or vehicles or any injuries to workers.

Licensing and Training

It makes sense to call a professional when you need emergency tree service, but is the company you’re researching actually composed of trained professionals? You will be able to tell the difference between an amateur and a pro by asking about their certifications. Hiring a certified arborist is your goal, because you want someone who’s gone through the appropriate training and holds certifications from nationally recognized organizations to perform emergency work on your property — not just anyone with a chainsaw.

Proactive Assessments of Your Trees

Another key difference that will set a qualified emergency tree service apart is how they recommend you care for your trees before an emergency even comes up. If you call to find out about their services, they will suggest that you have a tree risk assessment completed. They will come to your home and perform a free inspection, identifying minor problems before they turn into major issues . They will look for dead branches, trunk damage, excessive trunk leaning, fungal growth and more — all signs that your trees might not be as healthy as you think. Professional arborists know that maintenance and prevention are the more cost-effective, safe ways to manage the trees on your property.


Trained arborists know that tree care isn’t always a 9-to-5 job. They encourage you to call them at all hours of the day whenever you need help. Tree emergencies can come up at any time — you need to know you can depend on them for a fast response.

You Can’t Call Just Anyone

The best time to research local arborists in your area is right now. Form a relationship with a trusted tree service and you won’t worry about damage during the next storm. Rivendell Tree Experts provides expert emergency tree service to property owners in Lehi, Utah, and the surrounding region and will provide free inspections and estimates for you. Call today to make an appointment.