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Fall Tree Care Guide for Utah Homeowners

Fall Tree Care Guide for Utah Homeowners

Summer may be over in Utah, but that doesn’t mean the time for tree care has come to an end. ​ Seasonal attention is important for ensuring year-round plant health. Utah homeowners who prepare their trees for the colder months are rewarded with abundant growth in the spring. In the fall, tree care professionals recommend taking the following actions.


Apply Mulch


Placing a layer of mulch around the base of each tree provides the roots with insulation against temperature extremes and helps the soil retain more moisture. A depth of about 2 to 4 inches is sufficient, but the mulch shouldn’t be piled up around the trunk – volcanoes of much can lead to root rot.




Fall is the ideal time for fertilization, as doing so provides trees with the nutrients they need to get through the winter. However, some species should be fertilized in the spring or summer instead – so, homeowners should consider asking a Utah arborist about fall fertilization before proceeding.


Keep Watering


When temperatures permit – meaning that the ground isn’t frozen – Utah tree care professionals advise homeowners to continue watering in order to avoid drought stress. For adequate hydration, it’s best to water the root zone deeply and thoroughly about once or twice per week.


Prune Branches


The structure of a tree is much easier to see when no leaves are on the branches. Because of this, fall can be an ideal time for tree pruning – which helps encourage healthy growth. But because not all species should be pruned at this time of year, homeowners may want to get advice from a certified Utah arborist.


Rake Leaves


Raking up fallen leaves may not be necessary if they only cover about 10 to 20 percent of the landscape. Homeowners who have excess of might need to grab a rake, however, as too much leaf matter on the lawn can inhibit springtime plant growth. As an alternative, the leaves can be mulched with a mower and used to insulate tree roots.


Plant Trees


Many Utah homeowners don’t think about planting trees in the fall, but doing so can be a great idea. The cooler temperature helps stimulate root growth in saplings, and putting them in the ground now provides plenty of time for the roots to become well-established before winter. Would you like expert assistance with fall tree care? If you live in northern Utah, call on the professional team at Rivendell Tree Experts. ​We offer a range of practical, cost-effective tree care services to homeowners in and around Salt Lake City and throughout Utah County. A regional industry leader, our company is known for honesty, integrity and a strong commitment to customer service. For more information, or to arrange for a free tree care consultation, contact our Lehi, Utah, office today.