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Do You Need to Contract an Arborist for Tree Disease Treatment?

Contract an Arborist for Tree Disease Treatment

If you have diseased trees, reaching out to a certified arborist is the best course of action. Diagnosing the problem and providing the appropriate tree disease treatment can be a challenge for anyone without expertise – particularly with the dozens of bacterial, viral and fungal infections that are common here in northern Utah.


But how do you know if your trees are affected by disease? We suggest giving them a good look whenever you’re out in the yard, scanning the foliage, branches and bark for irregularities. If you spot any of the following warning signs, contact a Utah certified arborist and schedule a consultation to discuss tree disease treatment.


Changes in the Foliage


As you look at your trees, examine the foliage. Are there variations in the coloration of the leaves? Do any have holes or visible damage? Or are the leaves dropping at the wrong time of year? If you answered yes to any of these questions, calling a local Utah arborist is a good idea, as you may be looking at the results of tree disease.


Dead or Decaying Branches


Next, examine the limbs of each of your trees. If any are dead or look dry and lifeless, a bacterial, fungal or viral infection is probably to blame. Branches that are decaying also point to the need for an arborist’s assistance, but you’ll only spot those by searching for outward symptoms of decay, like crumbly wood and mushroom growth.


Differences in the Bark


The effects of tree disease can frequently be seen in the bark. Discolorations appear in areas where the infection has weakened the bark, and deep cracks, splits and cankers, or dead areas of bark, can develop as time goes on. Check the bark carefully, and if you suspect a problem, call a Utah certified arborist for advice and expert treatment.


Uneven Tree Growth


Finally, consider the overall appearance of each tree. Do any have a serious lean? Are the limbs growing too close together? Does the growth pattern look abnormal? Tree disease is the most likely culprit, though other variables – including sunlight, weather patterns, pests and environmental disturbances – could be involved. In any case, you should contact a local arborist if you notice uneven tree growth.


The professional team at Rivendell Tree Experts, based in Lehi, offers free, no-obligation tree disease treatment consultations to homeowners and businesses in Utah County and throughout the greater Salt Lake City area. Our ISA-certified arborists can meet all of your tree care needs, and we’re known for providing quality services at affordable prices.


For more information on tree disease treatment, or to make an appointment to meet with one of our friendly and knowledgeable arborists, contact us today.