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Consult Your Local Arborist Before Fertilizing Your Trees

Consult Your Local Arborist Before Fertilizing Your Trees

​Most trees will benefit from fertilization, but the type and quantity needed can vary depending on the type of tree, soil, water source, and the condition of the tree. If a tree is too severely stressed from drought, for example, it would be wise to stabilize its watering for a few months before fertilizing. Doing it too soon can cause stress and should be done judiciously under the care of an arborist.


There are, however, several benefits to fertilizing your trees.

Fertilization Stimulates Growth

Fertilizer provides trees with the nutrients they need to grow. In the first several years after planting, saplings achieve greater growth with proper fertilization. Fertilizing also helps mature specimens maintain their vigor, as having the proper nutrient levels makes them better able to stave of adversities.

Why Use Professional Tree Fertilization Services?

You could choose to make fertilizing a do-it-yourself project, but turning to a Cottonwood Heights company that offers professional fertilization services – like Rivendell Tree Experts — makes better sense.


Certified arborists know how and when to apply fertilizer, and they have the expertise to determine exactly which nutrients are needed. Plus, arborists have the special equipment required for deep root fertilization, which improves soil structure, stimulates root development, reduces damage from pests and disease and allows for strong growth.


Let a certified arborist handle the fertilizing, and you’ll help ensure the health, vitality and longevity of every specimen on your Cottonwood Heights property. Periodic tree fertilization is an investment, one that can add considerable value – and, arborists offer other services, including pruning, planting and removal, to keep your yard looking its best.


If you’re a homeowner in need of specialized tree care, call on the Rivendell Team. Based in Lehi, Utah, we offer a range of affordable arborist services, and we only recommend solutions that are both practical and cost-effective. We’re known for our integrity, our workmanship and our dedication to customer service. For a free consultation and estimate for tree fertilization in Cottonwood Heights, contact our office today.