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Complete Guide to Tree Stump Grinding

Complete Guide to Tree Stump Grinding

​Are you familiar with tree stump grinding?


When you contact a local tree care services company to discuss stump removal, there’s a good chance they may recommend grinding as the means of accomplishing the task. There are other techniques, but grinding is typically the best way to safely and efficiently remove an entire tree stump. Here, we explain the process and everything else you need to know to make an informed decision on stump removal.


How is Tree Stump Grinding Done?


The process involves the use of a stump grinder, which is a high-powered piece of machinery that cuts through the tree base and the visible lateral roots. Grinding turns all of this into wood chips, and once complete, nothing is left above the soil line. As such, the site can be replanted or repurposed.


What are the Alternatives to Stump Grinding?


The remaining trunk and root ball can be dug out of the ground with a backhoe or excavator. Or, property owners can douse the wood with chemical products designed to speed up the rotting process. Burning it out after applying a stump killer is another option. All three can be dangerous, and removing anything other than a small- to medium-sized stump through any of these methods can be difficult.


Why is Stump Grinding Recommended?


Grinding effectively eliminates the remaining trunk and roots, without damaging the surrounding landscape or leaving a gaping hole behind. It’s a zero-waste technique, as the wood chips created can be used to fill in the area or elsewhere on your property. Plus, grinding projects can usually be completed in about an hour or two.


Why Leave the Task to a Professional?


Anyone can rent a tree stump grinder, but knowing how to use it properly requires special training. Furthermore, without an expert analysis of the immediate area, the project could be hazardous – contact with the underground utility or plumbing lines could result in injury and significant damage.


How Much Does Tree Stump Grinding Cost?


According to HomeAdvisor.com, the online information marketplace, the average cost for professional grinding is $200. Extra-large stumps and those in locations that are difficult to access can cost more, but that’s to be expected. In comparison, renting a grinder may run anywhere from $150 to $365 per day.


Do You Need Stump Grinding Service in Northern Utah?


If you want to get rid of a tree stump on your northern Utah home or business property, Rivendell Tree Experts is the company to call. We offer free professional consultations and estimates for projects in Salt Lake City and the greater Utah County area, and we’re known for affordable pricing, top-notch workmanship and a superior customer experience.


To schedule an appointment, or to get answers to your questions about tree stump grinding, contact Rivendell Tree Experts in Lehi, Utah, today.