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Common Tree Trimming Mistakes in Cottonwood Heights

Tree Trimming Cottonwood Heights Arborist.

When handled properly, tree trimming is beneficial – the practice helps preserve a tree’s natural shape and aesthetic beauty. If poorly done, however, trimming can cause irreversible damage.


So while cutting back some branches seems like a task anyone could complete, many homeowners in Cottonwood Heights who attempt to trim their trees make mistakes. Learning what others have done wrong should help keep you from going down that same path. Here, the Rivendell team shares the missteps to avoid.


Removing Too Many Limbs


Homeowners who are unfamiliar with recommended practices for tree trimming often make the mistake of taking off too many branches. Every cut is not just a wound that stresses a specimen, but also an entry point for disease and insects. As such, removing lots of limbs at once can actually kill a tree.


Not Making Precise Cuts


When it comes to tree trimming, precision is important. Proper, carefully placed cuts at the best angle available can minimize the damage and help ensure fast healing after a trim. Cuts that are too close to the trunk can lead to growth problems, and any that are too far from the trunk can leave a tree vulnerable to decay, pests and disease.


Trimming Random Branches


Randomly selecting branches to cut can compromise a tree’s health. Limbs that are growing inward or down may be due for a trim, and snipping any that are dead or dying is a good idea. However, homeowners who remove branches without giving the matter careful thought often limit a tree’s ability to grow.


Using the Wrong Tools


As many homeowners have learned the hard way, attempting trimming with tools that are blunt or unsharpened isn’t advisable. Dull cutters, lopping shears and pruning saws create rough cuts that take more time to heal – and worse, using the wrong tools increases the odds of serious injury.


Need Assistance with Tree Trimming?


Giving your trees a trim can help keep your property looking its best, but if you go it alone, that may not be the case. The certified arborists at Rivendell Tree Experts have the skill, knowledge and experience to get the job done properly – and with us, tree pruning and trimming has an affordable price. For a free consultation at your Cottonwood Heights home, contact our office in Lehi, Utah, today.