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Benefits of Professional Stump Grinding

Benefits of Professional Stump Grinding

If you’re planning for tree removal, you’d be wise to consider professional stump grinding as well.

Sure, you could opt to leave the stump in place and save some money. However, going that route can take away from the appeal of your landscape. Plus, getting rid of a stump means you won’t have to worry about tree sprout growth, insect infestation or having a potential hazard in your yard.


Grinding isn’t the only method of removing a tree stump, but it is the smartest approach. Here’s why.

​​Fast and Easy Tree Stump Removal

A skilled professional can typically grind up a stump within just a couple of hours. Digging out a stump with an excavator or backhoe takes quite a bit longer, and the technique requires much more work.

Expedite Future Landscape Design

​After professional stump grinding, the yard area is ready for replanting – you simply need to put down some topsoil and smooth it out. Dig up the stump instead, and you’ll have a massive hole to deal and, potentially, damage to the surrounding landscape.

​Environmentally-Friendly Solution

​The tree stump grinding process produces no waste, as the wood chips created can be used to fill the spot where the stump was and as mulch elsewhere on your property. Compared to the other options, grinding is far less damaging to the environment.


Low-Cost Way to Remove a Tree Stump

You won’t pay an arm and a leg for stump grinding – the average cost is just $200, though professionals do charge more for extra-large stumps and those that are hard to access. Digging can cost as much as $350, and you’ll pay about $38 an hour for labor.

Why Schedule Professional Stump Grinding?

You could rent a grinder and take on the work yourself, but why would you want to? Rental costs can range anywhere from $150 to $365 per day, and operating the equipment may not be as easy as you think. Also, if you’re not careful, you could run into underground utility or plumbing lines – and doing so could threaten your safety and cause major property damage.


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