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After Stump Grinding, Can You Use the Spot to Plant a New Tree?

Plant Tree after Stump Grinding

When you have a tree removed from the yard of your Cottonwood Heights home, you may want to consider professional stump grinding as well. It’s the easiest, most effective and most affordable way to get rid of the entire stump, and the process produces mulch that you can use elsewhere on your northern Utah property.


But what about the hole that’s left behind? Can you use it to plant a new tree?


After stump grinding, the spot can certainly be repurposed – and yes, planting another tree there is an option. However, you’d be wise to consult a certified arborist before replanting. Here’s what you need to know.


Why Planting at the Stump Location Isn’t Ideal


Planting a new tree after removing one is always a good idea. That said, according to Utah arborists, choosing the same location may not be the best decision because:

  • Sawdust from stump grinding can affect the soil’s nutrient balance.

  • Any pest or disease that affected the old tree could remain in the soil.

  • Even though the stump was ground down to below grade, a significant part of the stump and roots will still be there which could make digging a hole for a new tree difficult.

What to Consider if You Want to Plant a New Tree


If you’d really like to area where the stump once sat for replanting, you can do so. But, certified Utah arborists say that after stump grinding, you need to consider the following:

  • Before planting a sapling at the stump location, check to make sure that all the old tree roots and other plant material have been removed from the hole.

  • If the reason for tree removal was a pest or disease, you’ll want to select a sapling of a different species, one that won’t be affected by that pathogen.

  • When choosing a new tree, go for a species that has a smaller root system than the old one to ensure the young sapling has sufficient room to grow.

  • Give thought to replanting in the fall, as getting a sapling in the ground at this time helps the roots become established before warm weather arrives.

Let the Rivendell Team Meet Your Tree Care Needs


Do you need tree removal? Or do you want more advice and information on replanting after stump grinding? Either way it goes, if you live in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, Rivendell Tree Experts is the company to call. We’re committed to providing practical, effective and affordable tree care services, and our certified arborists are among the most knowledgeable and experienced in the region.


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