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6 Important Reasons to Remove Dead Trees Right Away

6 Important Reasons to Remove Dead Trees Right Away

Removing dead trees isn’t a task to put off until next spring — it needs to be done now! It’s OK if you procrastinate on landscaping tasks like weeding your flower beds, but when it comes to large, dead trees, don’t leave anything to chance.

Why should you take action today? Six reasons.

1. Pests Love Dead Trees

Termites and other bugs aren’t the type of wildlife you want in your yard, but it’s exactly what your dead tree will attract. Even though it’s already past rescuing, a dead tree that becomes infested will soon become unstable. There’s also a risk these insects could start feeding on your home next.

2. They’re a Hazard

You don’t want to worry about a tree falling on your home when the wind picks up. Dead trees can’t be trusted, and if one falls on your house, garage or car, it’s not just property damage you have to worry about — there’s the potential it could harm you or a loved one.

3. They’re a Fire Risk

Dry, dead wood can easily catch fire. If you live in an area where wildfires rage, you need to remove dead trees right away. A tree that catches fire near your home could cause property damage and pose a risk to you and your family.

4. It’s Less Expensive to Remove Now

It’s easier to remove a tree that has died but is still standing, and it’s also cheaper. Once it falls on a home, electrical wires or any other property, the process gets harder because workers must minimize further damage to these objects. Save money and just remove it now!

5. Your Other Trees Could Get Sick

Why did it die? This is a question an arborist can answer for you while they are removing it. It’s important to know the reason so you can prevent other trees on your property from experiencing the same fate. Also, the sooner you remove a dead tree, the lower the risk surrounding trees will catch the disease.

6. They Don’t Look Good

Finally, think about how it looks to those passing by. Dead trees detract from your home’s curb appeal.Remove dead trees when you want to spruce up your home’s appearance or if you’re getting ready to sell.

Removing dead trees won’t take up your whole weekend if you depend on Rivendell Tree Experts. We handle the job safely — for your landscape, your home and your family. Get in touch with us when you have a dead tree that needs to be attended to — we’re at your service.