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5 Comprehensive Tree Care Services Your Arborist Provides

5 Comprehensive Tree Care Services Your Arborist Provides

Tree care services offered by professional arborists help one of the earth’s most essential components survive and thrive. Trees prevent soil erosion. They provide a home for animals. For humans, they make our air cleaner, providing the oxygen we need to live. ​

When you need guidance and advice on supporting your trees’ health, you can depend on Rivendell Tree Experts, a local arborist team, for the five essential tree care services listed below.

1. Pruning Strategic

pruning involves the removal of specific branches to benefit the health of the tree. It can meanremoving dead areas to avoid further decay. Pruning could also involve removing healthy branches to thin out heavy leaf coverage and increase sunlight infiltration. Pruning is done for the tree’s health, but also for the safety of its surroundings. It takes special tools and knowledge about tree growth and development to prune safely and correctly.

2. Removal

If decay has taken over a tree, removal may be necessary. Certified arborists do everything they can to treat disease and save trees from demise. But when removal is unavoidable, it’s important that it is done safely and completely. This is when an arborist team can help.

3. Planting

Besides supporting the growth of healthy and strong trees, arborists plant young saplings. Planting trees is rewarding, especially when best practices are observed and the tree is set up for a successful, long life. Tree planting is not as straightforward as you might think. Many factors must be considered, starting with soil health. If your property is not prepared to support a young tree, your arborist can help you reach this goal. Working together, you’ll consider local climate, landscape aesthetics and both short- and long-term property goals to determine both the right species and placement.

4. Risk Assessment

When something just doesn’t look right — a storm produced a crack in the tree’s trunk or down the center of a branch, or decay has eaten away at the roots — it’s essential to have a tree risk assessment performed. Your arborist team can assess whether the damage poses a risk to your home or other areas of your property and make professional recommendations on how to rectify the problem.

5. Emergency Tree Care Services

When a tree downs a telephone wire or falls on a car — or worse, a house — call your arborist. They can quickly execute an emergency response plan that minimizes danger to you and your family and removes the problematic tree immediately. Trust Rivendell Tree Experts in Lehi, Utah, for conscientious tree care services for your home, business or community area. We care about trees and we care about you.