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4 Ways to Save Money on Tree Removal

4 Ways to Save Money on Tree Removal

Do you need tree removal? If one of your trees is dead, unhealthy or hazardous, removing it now could be the right solution – but whether the service fits into your budget plans may be another story.


Here at Rivendell Tree Experts, we know that everyone has to work within a budget. For top-notch service at a more affordable cost, try our pro tips.


No. 1: Get an Expert Opinion


How do you know you really need tree removal? Sometimes, a specimen that looks to be on its last legs could just need some attention.


Schedule an assessment with a certified arborist before making any decisions. If you’re lucky, removing a few branches or providing an appropriate insect or disease treatment may save you from needing removal – and, as a result, reduce your costs.


No. 2: Schedule Tree Removal in the Off-Season


When services are in high demand, prices tend to be higher. Like other professionals, certified arborists don’t typically reduce their rates when they’re incredibly busy.


If possible, plan your removal during the off-season, when business is a little slower. This varies depending upon where you live, but generally speaking, aim to avoid spring, summer and the early part of fall.


No. 3: Do Part of the Work Yourself


The more services a company provides, the more you’ll end up paying – that’s true for every business, not just for certified arborists.


That said, you might be able to cut the costs of tree removal if you take on some of the less specialized parts of the job. Ask ahead of time – you may be able to save money by handling the cleanup and woodcutting yourself.


No. 4: Consider Regular Certified Arborist Services


The best way to save money on tree removal is to avoid needing the service in the first place.

Keep your trees healthy with seasonal attention from a certified arborist, and you’ll be much less likely of facing another removal in the future. Periodic assessments, along with regular pruning, trimming and soil care, go a long way – and routine tree care services cost less than removal.


How NOT to Save on Tree Removal


You might be tempted to remove the tree yourself – how hard can it be? Just watch a few videos, and you’ll be good to go!


Actually, that’s not a smart way to save money. The work is dangerous, particularly for anyone who doesn’t have specialized training. Make a wrong move, and you could cause significant property damage or, worse, you could seriously injure yourself or someone else.


Stay safe on the ground and hire a local certified arborist instead. For professional tree removal in the greater Salt Lake City area, turn to Rivendell Tree Experts.


A local industry leader, Rivendell Tree Experts provides a range of residential and commercial tree care services. Our certified arborists only recommend practical, cost-effective solutions – and with us, you can count on quality workmanship and affordable pricing.


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