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4 Signs It’s Time to Call an Arborist

4 Signs It's Time to Call an Arborist

You need to call an arborist anytime there is a clear emergency involving tree damage, especially if it may involve your home or car. But an emergency isn’t the only scenario that warrants a professional’s attention. Many seemingly mundane situations can quickly turn precarious if they aren’t managed by an arborist. Below are four instances where it’s helpful to call an arborist at Rivendell Tree Experts.

When There’s Storm Damage

After a big storm, maybe feel thankful that no trees fell on your home. But then, the cleanup begins. Before you get out the chainsaw, think about your trees: Do you know the best way to prune and trim them following significant damage? If storm damage pruning isn’t handled by a pro, you could wind up with a sick tree. Tree damage that isn’t resolved correctly through pruning and treatment can lead to decay and future weakness. It’s not worth it to try to DIY — you could put your tree at risk. Call us instead.

When Branches Look Like They Might Fall

Maybe there hasn’t been a storm, but you’re still feeling nervous about the leaning branches that get lower by the day. If a branch is thicker than 2 inches, it can cause serious damage if it falls. Look at the trees on your property, especially the trees close to your home, shed, car or pool. If you suspect a problem, get peace of mind by calling an arborist.

When Roots Are Exposed

According to experts, 80 percent of tree problems typically begin in the root system. Suddenly exposed or broken tree roots, or mounding near the trunk are signs of trouble. It’s key to catch stability issues early, as this can jeopardize the tree’s health and the safety of nearby people and structures. Schedule a consultation with an arborist as soon as you can.

When You Want to Plant New Trees

Proper planning is the key to healthy trees. Don’t just choose a tree you like the looks of and plant it. Comeup with a plan that takes into account the type of soil on your property, the amount of sun your tree will get and the how far away the surrounding trees and structures are.

Not only will you bypass a lot of confusion, you’ll get professional recommendations from an expert that has your property value in mind.

Rivendell Tree Experts is a local arborist team that fully understands the challenges of Utah’s climate. We are here to help you correct tree problems and manage new plantings to deliver the highest value and the most enjoyment for the property owner. Call us today to set up a consultation!