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Lehi / American Fork, Orem / Provo, Highland / Alpine, Draper / Sandy, Cottonwood Heights / Holladay, Park City, and the Greater Salt Lake Area 

Stump Grinding Is The Best Method Of Stump Removal Available

Rivendell Tree Experts offer Utah County, Salt Lake County and Neighboring Regions Stump Grinding Services for Commercial And Residential Customers

Stumps remain when a tree falls or is cut down. After removing a tree on your property, you might be left with a large stump. 

Stump grinding is the most efficient and effective method of stump removal available. Our certified tree care specialists are knowledgeable in stump grinding and other tree services.  They can help you decide whether stump grinding is the best option for you provide you a free estimate.  


Our team will quickly grind the stump and remove the debris, or you use the mulch mulch tailings for your garden and landscaping.

Healthy trees begin with quality soils. Fertilizing to improve soil condition is the first step. 

Along with fertilization, it is essential to maintain proper soil pH levels and ensure adequate organic matter is present in the soil. Mulch is one of the most effective, easiest methods.

ISA Certified Arborists at Rivendell Tree Experts can recommend the best Fertilization programs to address our local Utah soils.


The basic essentials include:


-slow release nitrogen liquid fertilizer provides the nutrient slowly to the tree throughout the growing season.

-EDDHA Chelated Iron - critical for our UTAH soils.

Our high pressured deep root injection tools loosen the soil to reduce compaction and improve aeration.

Rivendell Tree Experts offer Utah County, Salt Lake County and Neighboring Regions Stump Grinding Services for Commercial And Residential Customers


Soil Quality

Fertilizer and organic matter, when applied properly, improves soil condition over time. This is not necessary in all geographical areas, but Utah is the exception.

Improved Tree Aesthetics

Iron Chlorosis can make trees leaves yellow, brown, and not aesthetically pleasing. Fertilization can combat this.

Improved Tree Health

When tree leaves are treated properly to prevent chlorosis, then the tree can grow more vigorously and the leaves do not burn and die back by the end of the growing season. 


Through the process of Deep Root Fertilization, soil is aerated from the high pressure injection. This allows more oxygen and less compaction.

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